The Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Serres was founded in 1983 (which, according to the “Athina”  Plan, based on the PD 102, F.E.C. 136/05-06 2013, was renamed to TEI of  Central Macedonia with two original schools. Effective 2001, the TEI of Central Macedonia was incorporated to the Higher Educational Institutes (HEI) of Greece and was included in the Technological Sector of Higher Education (N.2916/2001, N.3549/2007, N.4009/2011 and N.4485/2017).

By Law 4610/2019 (FEK 70/A/7-5-2019) the TEI of Central Macedonia was abolished and all its staff, students and facilities were automatically affiliated with the International Hellenic University (I.H.U.).

The Departments of the I.H.U. at Serres are currently housed in an independent campus spanning an area of 25 hectares, located since 1993, southeast of the city of Serres in modern buildings and a beautiful surrounding area. The complex consists of the following buildings:

1. Two buildings with classrooms and four amphitheaters (Buildings A, B in the map)
2. Four Workshop buildings with two amphitheaters and educational staff offices (Buildings Γ, Δ, Ε, Ζ in the map)
3. Complex of buildings of the Department of Computer, Informatics & Telecommunications Engineering and the Department of  Surveying & Geoinformatics (Building Σ)
4. Administration building where Registrar offices of the departments as well as University Administrative Services (Building K) are housed
5. Library (Building Μ)
6. Gym, properly equipped (Building Δ)
7. Conference Center with two auditoria and one conference room (Building Λ)
8. Open-air 1000-seat auditorium (Building Π)
9. Multipurpose building (Building O)
10. Student club (Building N)
11. Canteen (Building Π)

The Department of Computer, Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering features classrooms and laboratory spaces in the northern wing of building Σ, for the coverage of its educational and research activities,, while classrooms are also located in building B. The offices of the faculty and technical staff of the Department are located in building Σ, while its office of the Registrar is located in building K.