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Transportation (Traveling from and to Serres)
National Bus Service: Buses connect Serres to Thessaloniki-Athens-Drama-Kavala, Nigrita-Sidirokastro-Iraklia (Bus Terminal is at End of Amapia Str., 62124, Serres, phone: +302321022822) 
Website (online bookings):

From Bus Terminal to Campus on foot.

The distance between the Serres IHU Campus and the Serres Bus Station is about 1.4 km and can be walked in about 17 minutes (on the map, the route that follows the main roads is marked).  
The connection is also served by the Serres Urban Bus via lines 14 and 10.
Taxi’s are also available.

Getting around in the City
Urban Buses Station (Emporiou Square)      2321022338
Urban Buses (Headquarters)    2321023572
Taxi     2321059100, 59422
Railway    2321059700, 59112, 59844, 59776

Maintenance Services   
COSMΟΤΕ    13888
Cyta Hellas    13811
FORTHNET     13731
WIND     13700
VODAFONE    13840

Electric Power:
The Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (DEDDIE) is responsible for the development, maintenance and operation of the network.
Through the DEDDIE website, you can report a fault (power outage) using the online application for fault report.  
The 800-400-4000 call center of DEDDIE receives fault reports on a 24/7/365 basis.

Water Supply:    23210-24444, -83800, -55555

First aid
Urgent Assistance (ambulance)    166
Serres Hospital    2321094500 – 2321351100
Serres Fire Department    199
Forest Fire Reports    191
Police    100
Security Police    2321090804-5
Traffic Police    23210 – 90809-10 & 2321090872